Aussie Born and Bred

We’re an Australian owned company looking after people who like to look after themselves. We’re down-to-earth in our attitude and we’re simply all about tasty food that’s free from key allergens like gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts.  

We opened our doors in Melbourne in 1990. We like to think of ourselves as food pioneers, so much so, we helped establish specific health sections in Australian supermarkets as a one-stop shop for people seeking ‘free from’ food. Actually more than just that, for people seeking food with tonnes of wholesome benefits. 

You can now find our products in the health food sections of most supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand.


Our Dedicated ‘Free From’ Home

In 2009, Freedom Foods established a dedicated ‘free from’ factory in Stanbridge in the beautiful New South Wales Riverina (near Leeton).

To say that we are ‘home proud’ is an understatement. That’s because we’ve created one of the few factories around the world that is free from wheat, barley, triticale, sesame seeds and nuts. How can we be so sure? Well we manage the process of sourcing our ingredients, in some cases actually milling them ourselves. Therefore we can say ‘free from’ with complete confidence.

We now have more than 50 people working in our ‘free from’ home.


Crossed the Ocean to the U.S.

In 2011, Freedom Foods established a market demand in the United States.  An adventurous company called Wholesome International, is dedicated to making the products available to customers in the U.S.


Freedom Foods Cereals are available online at


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Berry Good Morning
The only gluten free cranberry combination cereal in the Health Food section of the supermarkets!  It's a mixture of great tasting flakes, real canberries and diced dates for that perfect balance.

  • gluten & wheat free
  • nut, soy, egg, dairy & lactose free
  • no preservatives (not even in the fruit!)
  • no artifical colours or flavours
  • high fibre
  • low salt & low fat
  • benefit of natural antioxidants 
  • suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Australian made!